What is Unending Void

Unending Void is a turn-based 4x (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate) Grand Strategy space game, currently in development. Its chief aim is to provide a living, breathing galaxy that gives the player more freedom and where your decisions really can make a difference to the outcome.

The galaxy will contain a number of different space-faring races, each of which has a history and outlook. Border tensions between neighbouring races can and will lead to wars.

Build Your own Corporation

The player takes charge of their own corporation, starting within one of those empires, and from there can shape their destiny however they see fit. Some examples of how one might play the game include;

  • Expand your corporations influence by colonising new systems
  • Mine resources and build factory complexes to build trade-able products.
  • Build up a trade fleet and move other corporations goods around the galaxy, finding the best place to buy and sell for maximum profits.
  • Research and develop new weapons with which to support your home empire, or trade these with the highest bidder
  • Form a pirate faction and raid others shipping lanes
  • Become a privateer and gain letters of marque from your chosen empire to legally pirate their enemies.
  • Form your own black-ops division and stoke tensions between empires to help ensure a ready market for your own weapons
  • Buy up the shares of rival corporations to take them out of the picture
  • Design and build your own ships with which to defend your own interests or provide mercenary services to warring empires.

Play a combination of strategies in order to achieve your own objectives (or simply to become master of the galaxy!)

The galaxy will have hidden secrets and events that occur with the passing of time. Find advanced derelict ships floating in space, lost civilisations that yield new research opportunities, or wake ancient races that may or may not be hostile!

Key Features

Some of the key features to be included are;

  • Free-form ship building. Create your own ships from scratch and make them look how you want them - you are not restricted to any particular ship style.
  • Realistic supply and demand economy. Build self-sufficient factory complexes, corner local markets and find the best deals.
  • Tactical ship combat. Battles are won and lost by your decisions and tactical genius.
  • Flexible Research system. Reverse engineer competitors technology and then improve it. Combine technologies to create the ultimate weapons.
  • A galaxy in flux. Wars break out, borders change and you can help make that happen

The overall aim is to create an interesting universe from which other concepts can be created It would be cool to eventually create a film based on the universe – as long as Uwe Boll doesn't direct it! :-)

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